Parman Fluid Care and ISOCLEAN can Increase Your Profit and Productivity

Does your productivity depend on the life cycle of your machinery? If so, then you know all too well the costly threat of equipment failure and unexpected downtime. Even when you think you are putting clean oil brands in your equipment, they may still contain abrasive contaminants, which are the leading cause of system failures. Over 82% of equipment wear is particle induced. But the oil looked clean, didn’t it?

How Oil Gets Dirty

There are many opportunities for lubricants to pick up dirt and contamination between the blend plant and the customer, and often these particles and contaminants are too small to see with the naked eye. A recent Machinery Lubrication article suggests that “It is a common misconception that new oil is clean. In fact, when tested straight from an unopened drum, most new oils have particle counts that are in some cases 32 times dirtier than what you would prefer to have in your equipment.”

How is that possible? Lubricants are first shipped from the manufacturing and blend plant to the marketer warehouse via truck or rail. From there, the oil is pumped into marketer storage tanks and transported into marketer delivery trucks. Marketers deliver oils to customers and customers add contaminants by using dirty dipsticks, top off containers or hoses in their equipment. If new oil in the drum is already dirtier than you’d expect, the transportation infrastructure is doing you no favors.

How Parman Fluid Care Can Increase Your Performance

Parman fluid care can benefit your business by substantially increasing equipment life and uptime. Additionally, Parman fluid care can help lower component inventory, reduce disposal costs, improve product quality and reduce maintenance time. Perhaps the greatest benefit of using Parman Fluid care is its direct impact on improving safety and quality control standards for your business.

By providing lubricants engineered to meet the highest standards of cleanliness codes, Parman’s Fluid Care products and services help customers reduce equipment wear and tear.  Parman Fluid Care services exceed OEM performance specifications by maintaining ISO cleanliness codes to increase performance of pumps, gears and bearings. Parman fluid care products include:

  • Turbine oils
  • Drive train/final drive fluid
  • Hydraulic oils
  • Circulating oils
  • Transmission oils
  • Gear oils
  • Other applications

According to a recent study conducted by Noria, controlling fluid contamination as a beginning measure can save you 90% of the cost to remove it later.

What does ISOCLEAN mean?

The simplest definition of ISOCLEAN is ultra-clean lubricants. ISOCLEAN refers to the Chevron certified standard of cleanliness for lubricants. Among the OEMs driving the ISO cleanliness requirements for lubricants are companies like John Deere, Hitachi, Caterpillar and GE to name a few. At Parman, we deliver lubricants engineered to meet or exceed OEM recommending ISO cleanliness codes.

Every ISOCLEAN order at Parman Energy receives a certificate of analysis from Chevron Lubricants indicating the ISO cleanliness code achieved with ISO 4406.

How to get started with ISOCLEAN certified lubricants?

The Parman fluid care team is standing by and ready to get your company started with ISOCLEAN certified lubricants. Parman fluid care will get you set up with ISOCLEAN certified lubricants through a simple, 4 step process.

Step 1-Parman fluid care will conduct a complete RbL best-in-class assessment

Step 2-Parman fluid care will help your company set fluid cleanliness targets

Step 3-Parman fluid care will help you evaluate options for:

  • Air and breather controls
  • Storage tanks or tote (clean or not clean)
  • Dispensing
  • Last-chance filtration
  • In-service filtration

Step 4-Parman fluid care will help you develop a transition plan for storage and service.


Looking to increase profit and productivity? Call Parman Energy today and let our Parman fluid care team put their expertise to work for you. For more information, call Parman Energy at 1-800-727-7920