DEF-inite Improvements for Parman North

Minnesota DEF trailer
Parman Energy Group uses dedicated DEF trailers, like this new one in Minnesota.

Mid-September marked a big step in the right direction for our DEF business in Minnesota with the addition of a dedicated DEF trailer.  Having the ability to buy and pick-up in bulk has enabled us to offer our customers a more efficient level of service and increase our route capacities.

Mike Anderson making a 1100 gallon delivery. Previously – this stop would have taken over an hour to complete – Mike made this delivery in 25 minutes.

In the past, DEF was delivered off our dual-delivery units via totes. These DEF totes were taking up a large portion of the available trailer space and the driver’s time with moving totes and stingers throughout the day.  Deliveries made off the dual delivery trailers were pumped via a DEF cart at approximately 35 gallons minute vs the new trailer at 60 gallons per minute…. Almost double!

DEF driver and delivery
Driver Mike Anderson with the new DEF unit

With the new unit, we have already adjusted our routes to be able to deliver a 5,200-gallon load to an entire market area in a 9-hour period.  Previously these stops wouldn’t have all fit on one trailer, making deliveries take longer. Improvements like these will allows us to continue to deliver TOCS to our customers. At Parman Energy, we are always seeking ways to improve the level of service we can provide to our customers. We are looking forward to expanding our DEF business in the MN area with fast and reliable delivery!

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Price Increase Notice

April 1, 2019

Valued Customers,

Due to recent increases in the costs of raw materials used in the production and delivery of finished lubricants, our supply partners have implemented a series of price increases. The result of which will necessitate a set of general price increases from Parman Energy in the 6% – 9% range. Certain products and packages, however, may fall outside of this range.

In the coming days your respective strategic account managers will be connecting with you to discuss the specific impacts these general market movements will have to your individual businesses. We will do our very best to co-create a program and plan that allows us to continue providing you with best-in-class products and service.

In general, the implementation dates for these changes will be aligned with the schedules published by our supply partners. Where possible, we’ll include the actual market notice from the corresponding supply partners. We are sending you this notice to provide as much planning time possible, and to afford you the opportunity to place orders ahead of the pending price changes.

Parman Energy sincerely appreciates your business. We remain committed to providing you with Totally Outrageous Customer Service. Should you have any questions concerning this change, please contact your Parman Energy account manager. Again, thanks for your loyalty and support.




Mark Spaniol
Senior Vice President – Sales