Congratulations to SIGMA's Pay It Forward Scholarship Recipient: Kaitlyn Harden

Kaitlyn is the daughter of Chris and Christy Harden of Ringgold, Georgia and was recently chosen as a recipient of SIGMA’s Pay It Forward Scholarship. She attended Heritage High School and graduated in 2019 at the top of her class with honors and a 3.96 GPA.
Kaitlyn is currently a sophomore at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, where she is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in biology. She is a Brock Scholar at UTC’s Honors College and is working towards her Medical Assistant Certification so that she can gain medical experience while obtaining her undergraduate degree.

She plans to graduate in 2023 and thereafter attend graduate school to further her education. At UTC, she is a member of the Diversity and Inclusion Council where she represents outreach on the leadership board. She is also a member of UTC’s Women’s Ultimate Frisbee Team. Kaitlyn hopes to volunteer at Erlanger Hospital this year.

In high school, Kaitlyn was involved in many extracurriculars. She was a member of the prestigious Legion of Generals Marching Band for four years, and also held a leadership position in band, HOSA (Future Health Professionals), and National English Honor Society. Other clubs that she was involved in were the National Honor Society, Beta Club, Science Club, and she participated in a Mock Trial her senior year. Outside of school, Kaitlyn spent hundreds of hours volunteering at Peavine Baptist Church in various positions. She was also a summer intern at Peavine in 2019.​

Parman Energy Group, LLC Announces New President

Parman Energy Group, LLC
Announces New President

Nashville, TN – Effective October 1, 2020 Robert E. Giffin will be named President of Parman Energy Group, LLC (PEG).  Most recently Giffin held the title of Chief Operating Officer for PEG.

Parman Energy Group is a provider of quality refined petroleum products and services with 7 distribution facilities in Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Minnesota.

Giffin will report to Stephen L. Moore, Chief Executive Officer of Parman Holdings Corp; a 100% employee owned diversified holding company.  In addition to PEG, Parman Holdings also owns the assets of Nashville based Parman Tractor and Equipment, LLC (PT&E), where Charley Crichton is President.

Moore said; “Robert will be responsible for revenue generation and all operations of PEG.  He is uniquely qualified to lead this team of incredibly talented employee owners.”  Giffin has been a key part of PEG’s leadership since September 2003 and is intricately involved in Supply Chain and Logistics, Sales, and Operations. In his years prior to PEG, he had a successful career in transportation services focused on sales and logistics.

Parman Energy Group was recently recognized as the 31st fastest growing company in Nashville and the 38th largest privately held company in Nashville by The Nashville Business Journal.

Engine Technology is Changing

By David Howard, Installed Specialist

Over the last few years there have been many changes in the oil industry. Let’s dive into changes in technology.

Think about how much vehicles have changed in the past few years. What may come to mind are all the new electronics, smart sensors, assisted driving features and more, but what’s less noticeable are the significant changes taking place under the hood.

Engine technology is evolving rapidly in response to three factors:

  • Legislated and social pressure to reduce carbon emissions
  • Consumers’ desire for lower fuel consumption which leads to cost savings
  • Demand for more engine power while still fulfilling numbers one and two.

By 2025, U.S. federal mandates call for a Corporate Average Fuel Efficiency (CAFE) of 54.5 miles per gallon. That doesn’t mean every car has to meet that standard, but that every manufacturer must meet that as an average across their entire fleet, which may span a range of vehicles from large SUVs and pickups to small hybrids and electric cars. (For comparison, the average today is 35.5 mpg.)

Author: David Lee, Chevron Corporation

What does this mean for you? There are a couple takeaways worth noting:

  • The growth of hybrid vehicle manufacturing will most assuredly impact the formulation of motor oils in the future.
  • The demand for full synthetic lubricants will continue to increase over the next 5 years and beyond.

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How Oil Analysis Can Save You Money

By Kevin Thompson, CLS & OMA-1 (STLE), MLT-1 (ICML)

Taking care of high value assets in a manufacturing operation is like taking care of our own bodies. When the systems break down, we break down and cannot perform at our peak levels.  We go to the doctor and the first thing they do is poke us and take a blood sample. Why? Because our blood provides 90% of the data needed to accurately diagnose and prevent downtime in our bodies.

Oil sampling is the same thing. When was the last time you remember sampling your oil? Was it recent, or do you need to scratch your head for a minute? If it took you a minute or two, you are not alone. Many manufacturing, industrial and processing facilities are constantly looking at ways to lower costs, cut expenses and reduce downtime, all while keeping output and performance at peak efficiency. Many decision makers assume the race to efficiency and reliability is a sprint, but, it is truly a marathon. Short term vs. Long term, up-front costs vs. Cost of ownership as the old sayings go. Your company isn’t in a race that is over in a day, so why treat your Reliability program that way…?

The best way to start is with small steps and simple tasks. Plant reliability begins by taking samples of critical machines that drive performance in your operation. Your team can do this, or you can have a partner skilled in Plant Reliability perform these services. The sample data will give you the information needed to diagnose and prevent non-catastrophic failure events inside your operations. Why treat the flu if you have data that says you have another ailment? Same holds true for your equipment – why change the oil, for example, when the issue might be controllable with less expensive measures?

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