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Lubricant Services

Parman Energy is your one-stop lubrication expert.

The ability to run your business effectively and serve your customers depends heavily on your available stock and a full-time partner who understands your specific product needs. Our experience covers all areas of lubrication including lubricant retail sales, installed sales, as well as commercial and industrial lubricants. We offer a complete lubrication solution for professionals in major industries and those needing to meet the demands of a large consumer base.

When you work with Parman Energy you have access to:

  • Cutting-edge lubrication technology and equipment
  • STLE Certified Experts
  • Advanced oil analysis techniques
  • Competitively priced products and resources
  • On-time delivery and emergency delivery services



Tankeye Monitoring

Never Run Out


  • The Parman Tankeye monitors and reports tank levels daily 365 days a year
  • You as our customer can view the status of your tank anytime using your own secure personal user ID and password
  • The Parman Tankeye is wireless and weatherproof with an independent powersource
  • Parman Tankeye monitors all data via the internet, and then can dispatch a fuel or lube truck to your location

  • Never run out of product
  • Never need to stick tanks
  • Never need to call or fax orders
  • Minimize downtime so operations run at peak performance

  • All reports available on with individual usernames and passwords


Go beyond preventive maintenance by accessing data and reports detailing equipment performance.



  • Customer procures sample kits from Parman Sales Representative

  • Customer consults with technical Parman Sales Representative on how to properly pull sample and process paperwork

  • Upon recieving completed analysis from the lab, customer consults with one of Parman's 14 Oil Monitoring Analysts to interpret results and put a plan of action into place.

  • Prevent catastrophic failure

  • Extend critical component life

  • Prevent unplanned downtime

  • Extend drain intervals

Parman Energy's Parchek Fluids Analysis Program allows reporting on:

  • Convienent

  • Electronic reporting

  •  Web access for historical analysis