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Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Parman Energy Is Your One-Stop Shop for DEF

Parman Energy is committed to being your DEF supplier with all the packages you need and the delivery capabilities you require. We want to be your supplier for this essential product for all your diesel engines. Or dedicated DEF tankwagon and transport, first in the area, enable you to have bulk DEF anytime you need it. We have invested in this new market so you can transistion worry free. 




API and EPA Certified Product

Our BlueDEF product is a Diesel Exhaust Fluid that is guaranteed to meet the Standards of ISO 2241 and is API certified which ensures optimum performance of your Selective Catalytic REduction (SCR) system. As with any new product, count on Parman Energy to be your source for all information on DEF.

Special Handling Needed

DEF requires special handling and specific equipment needs, and Parman Energy adheres to these requirements. Parman Equipment Services has all the specialized storage and ispensing equipment need for this new product. We are one stop shop for all your DEF needs.

Markets We Serve

Transportation Agriculture Generators
Light Duty Diesel Marine Railroad
Heavy Duty Diesel Construction Mining



Packages We Offer: Depend on us for all the sizes you need

1 Gallon Jugs 2.5 Gallon Cubes Bulk Tangwagon
55 Gallon Drums 270 Gallon Totes Transport
330 Gallon Totes    


Tankeye Monitoring

Never Run Out


  • The Parman Tankeye monitors and reports tank levels daily 365 days a year
  • You as our customer can view the status of your tank anytime using your own secure personal user ID and password
  • The Parman Tankeye is wireless and weatherproof with an independent powersource
  • Parman Tankeye monitors all data via the internet, and then can dispatch a fuel or lube truck to your location

  • Never run out of product
  • Never need to stick tanks
  • Never need to call or fax orders
  • Minimize downtime so operations run at peak performance

  • All reports available on with individual usernames and passwords

DEF Usage Chart

Number of Trucks WithSCR Technology

Diesel Fuel Gallons/Week Projected DEF Usage Per Week Projected DEF Usage Per Month Projected DEF Usage Per Year
1 325 8 33 390
5 1,625 41 163 1,950
10 3,250 80 325 3,900
25 8,125 203 813 9,750
50 16,250 406 1,625 19,500
100 32,500 813 3,250 39,000
150 48,750 1,219 4,875 58,500
250 81,250 2,031 8,125 97,500

Above assumptions based on  a 1,000,000 miles/year at 6 MPG using a DEF dosage rate of 2.5%

DEF Calculator

How much DEF do you need?

  1. Number of Vehicles:
  2. Annual Mileage Per Vehicle:
  3. Average miles per gallon:
  4. % DEF Usage of Fuel Consumption:
Diesel Fuel per Year
DEF per Year
DEF per Truck