Controlling LSPI with API SN Plus

Controlling LSPI with API SN Plus

Have you heard of LSPI as it relates to turbos? LSPI, known as Low-Speed Pre-Ignition has been an issue for automakers for some time. Automakers use engine downsizing to help improve vehicles’ fuel efficiency and reduce emissions and use turbocharger technology to recover power lost in the downsizing process. LSPI limits the OEM’s ability to reduce emissions, increase fuel economy, and realize the full potential of turbocharged engines.

Recently, additive companies have developed products that will help control LSPI. OEM’s have petitioned the American Petroleum Institute to establish a supplemental car engine oil category that addresses LSPI and API agreed. That new category is called API SN Plus.

At Parman, we are committed to transitioning to API SN Plus because we want to provide the highest quality products to our customers.

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