API: Industry Advocate, Consumer Watchdog

API: Industry Advocate, Consumer Watchdog

With roots dating back to World War I, the American Petroleum Institute (API) has a long and storied history. But you don’t have to be a history buff, marveler of innovation, or even directly involved in the oil and gas industry to appreciate the organization’s presence, purpose, and impact in the modern world.

Celebrating 100 years next March, the API is the national trade association for the oil and gas industry. It provides advocacy and a unified voice for its more than 600 members. Also a major research institute, not only do API’s research and statistics guide and support their own policy positions, the data also serves as source information for the public and media.

API’s work toward education, standardization, and safety benefits both industry members and consumers. The institute organizes training and events on public policy issues, maintains hundreds of standards and recommended practices, and provides testing and certification standards for various industry workers and training curricula.

For consumers, API provides an unbiased certification program that involves pre and post-market testing to ensure engine oil marketers like Parman Energy Group meet physical, chemical, and performance standards set forth by the program. Those meeting the certification standard are then licensed to display the API Engine Oil Quality Marks on their products. These emblems provide consumers with clarity and proof of expected quality performance for engine oils.

To learn more about the emblems check out The ABC’s of Purchasing Motor Oil from our archives.

Visit the API’s website to learn more about the mission and history of the institute.

Parman Energy Group offers a diverse portfolio of API licensed and approved products from companies like Chevron, Shell, Citgo and Castrol. This includes the Signature product line, which is Parman Energy’s exclusive brand that meets or exceeds today’s API specifications. Reach out directly to your personal sales representative or email sales@parmanenergy.com for more information.

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