Value Proposition

Parman Energy is the most capable, reliable, and dynamic source for quality petroleum products in our marketing area. As an employee owned company, we differentiate ourselves from our competitors by our commitment to excellence on a daily basis. This commitment is demonstrated by the company’s continual investment in new technologies and ongoing infrastructure improvements, by our recognition in the industry as a market leader, and the daily actions of our employee owners. All of these elements combine to provide an increasing value to our customers.

Specific Parman Energy attributes, with their associated value propositions are as follows:

Parman Energy is one of the largest Chevron lubricants marketers in the world, affording our customers the best overall value as a solutions provider:

  • One of the few 1stSource Elite Chevron Lubrication Marketers in the nation
  • Recognized and credentialed as the market leader
  • Offers the highest quality brand name products, supported by one of the largest petroleum companies in the world
  • Our quality products lead to increased uptime, improve operational efficiency and optimize equipment life cycles

We offer one of the largest stocking inventory supply points in North America, providing our diverse customer base with ready access to most any type of lubricant:

  • Multiple Southeastern US locations offer quick and convenient service—no supply interruptions
  • Total inventory is in excess of 2 million gallons of lubricating oils

Parman is a major supplier of diesel fuel and gasoline for the Southeast, specializing in both transport quantities and more service intensive tankwagon deliveries:

  • More than 500,000 gallons of bulk distillate stroage capacity at our facilities
  • 24/7 contractor access to our card-lock fuel racks, increasing their operating efficiency.

Parman Energy introduced the first dedicated Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) tankwagon and transport fleet in our area, allowing us to ensure our DEF always meets the appropriate API specifications:

  • Readily available for the new market of Off-Road Vehicles
  • On the cutting-edge and a dependable partner in DEF supply.
  • guaranteed to meet ISO Standards 2224 for purity and composition and is an Amierican Petroleum Institue (API) certified diesel exhaust fluid.

Our state-of-the-art facilities, modern delivery fleet and leading edge supply chain technologies promote on-time, efficient and accurate deliveries of your petroleum products.

  • SmartTruck™ delivery and TankEye™
  • Proper storage and handling practices insulate our customers from environmental concerns while  increasing overall product integrity
  • Certified by the U.S. Coast Guard to perform on-water deliveries of bulk petroleum products

Parman Energy’s customer-centric corporate culture is reflected in our organizational structure. Each customer is assigned an inside or outside sales representative along with a dedicated customer service representative. This ensures our customers receive rapid responses to every inquiry. Our team is flexible, empowered and creative in their approach to providing a rapid response to each and every customer's objective.

Our technical sales staff is highly trained, capable and readily on hand to help ensure proper equipment lubrication. Parman Energy specialists are also available for customer consultations regarding any lubrication related issues or training needs:

Parman Technician

  • Twelve S.T.L.E. Certified Lubrication Specialists (CLS)
  • Fourteen Certified Oil Monitoring Analysts (OMA)
  • Fifteen I.C.M.L. Machine Lubrication Technician I

Areas of focus may include:

  • Lubrication audits
  • Product consolidation studies
  • Failure analysis
  • OEM consultations
  • Housekeeping and dispensing solutions

Parman Equipment Services provides petroleum and DEF storage and dispensing solutions, flexible and tailored to an individual customer's needs. PES is a fully authorized distributor and service agent for:

Parman Fuel

  • Lincoln
  • Alemite
  • Graco
  • Balcrank
  • Samson
  • American Lube Equipment
  • Bennett and Fill-Rite
  • Challenger Lifts



Parman Energy is aligned with BP/Castrol as a marketer of top performing passenger car lubricants and Castrol Heavy Duty oils and greases. Castrol has a strong reputation for its high quality products and services. Castrol Heavy Duty products have attained a prominent position in construction, mining and waste industries through the United States. They feature a wide array of programs for lubricant installers, and enjoy a sizeable share of the installer market. Castrol and Parman Energy team up to provide extraordinary value to our quality conscious customers. 

Parman Energy is one of the nation’s first and foremost Houghton International distributors, providing a comprehensive array of metalworking and metal forming fluids, as well as in-process cleaners and rust preventives. Houghton applications play a prominent role in the fire-resistant hydraulic fluid market, offering water glycols, phosphate esters and vegetable based products with Factory Mutual approvals.

Parman Energy offers a comprehensive array of products includes the following brands : Havoline, Castrol PCMO and HD, BlueDEF, Peak, Caterpillar, Xtreme, Kluber, and Nevastane. Our Signature product line is Parman Energy's exclusive brand of lubricants that meets or exceeds today's API and ILSAC specifications with an array of available products.

Our excellent employees drive our business.  We attract and retain the top talent in the industry. Parman Energy offers excellent benefits combined with challenging career opportunities in a work environment where hard work is recognized and rewarded. Everyday our extremely loyal employees work together for the benefit of our customers.

Parman Energy is a financially strong partner, which allows us the flexibility to invest in technologies, equipment and other assets for the benefit and growth of our customer base. We provide a consistent and reliable source of petroleum products. Smart companies partner with Parman Energy to guarantee the products they need come with the value they deserve.