2018 Q3 Price Increase

June 18, 2018
Dear Valued Customer,
Over the past several weeks each of our key lubricants supply partners have announced
general price increases. The factors cited in these announcements include: increases in
the costs of raw materials used in the production, as well as increasing delivery cost. In
general, the price increases will range from 9 – 10%. As such, Parman Energy Group will
be implementing a corresponding general increase on finished lubricant product.
However, certain products and packages may fall outside of this range.
As with the previous price movements, your respective strategic account managers will
be connecting with you to discuss the specific impacts these changes will have to your
individual businesses. We will do our very best to co-create a program and plan, that
allows us to continue providing you with best-in-class products and service.
Where possible, the implementation dates for these changes will be aligned with the
schedules published by our supply partners. We will do our best to provide you with the
actual market notice from the corresponding supply partners. Please let your account
manager know soonest if you wish to order more than your normal inventories, in
preparation for this event.
Parman Energy Group sincerely appreciates your business. Should you have any
questions concerning these changes, please contact your Parman Energy Group account
manager. Again, thank you for your loyalty and support.
Mark Spaniol
Senior Vice President - Sales
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