Nashville, TN

Parman Energy has been an established name in Nashville as the premier equipment lubrication supply company for more than eight decades. With multiple years serving companies and industries in one of the nation’s busiest and most active hubs, you know you have found a reliable partner for lubrication supply and delivery with Parman Energy.

Our Nashville representatives and technical staff have the expertise and knowledge to find the right lubrication solution for any type of equipment or consumer demands. We can train you on ways to get the most from your lubricants and products, as well as provide systems that monitor product performance. Along with the added experience and expertise, our Nashville location is well equipped to handle any requests:

  • 84 tanks representing a total of 1 million gallons of on-site bulk capacity
  • Two warehouses with total inventory space of 140,000 square feet
  • Truck bays with easy access to major highways

Our largest facility with the most convenient central location - You can be assured that we will be able to meet all your lubrication supply needs in a timely manner. As your Nashville lubrication partner, Parman Energy will make sure you’re good to go.


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Parman Energy is your one-stop lubrication expert.

The ability to run your business effectively and serve your customers depends heavily on your available stock and a full-time partner who understands your specific product needs. Our experience covers all areas of lubrication including lubricant retail sales, installed sales, as well as commercial and industrial lubricants. We offer a complete lubrication solution for professionals in major industries and those needing to meet the demands of a large consumer base.

When you work with Parman Energy you have access to:

  • Cutting-edge lubrication technology and equipment
  • STLE Certified Experts
  • Advanced oil analysis techniques
  • Competitively priced products and resources
  • On-time delivery and emergency delivery services

We carry a wide range of lubricants, tested in the most intense work environments and proven to perform at higher levels than your average motor oil.

With a team of highly skilled professionals on your side, our services and equipment are guaranteed. It is our goal to make sure whatever you do, everything is running smoothly and efficiently.

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Parman Energy is a proud supporter of PQIA and is proud to adhere to the PQIA Code of Ethical Business Conduct and to help make a difference in the integrity and quality of lubricants in the marketplace. 
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