Nashville, TN

As more diesel exhaust emissions regulations are handed down by the EPA, Parman Energy is ready to help your business transition through the changes. Nashville sits at the convergence of three major interstates. If you are doing business, shipping products or running logistics we can supply you with the best in DEF.  

With two facilities in Nashville, we have a huge inventory of diesel exhaust fluid hardware, including storage and dispensing supplies. Both warehouses have a combined 135,000+ square feet of storage space, and 60,000 gallons of bulk storage dedicated to DEF. This is ample room to meet all of your fleet of diesel vehicle DEF needs. In addition, our in-house lubrication and sales company, Williams Lubrication Equipment, can assist with any specialized DEF equipment for storage and dispensing. 

Our DEF packages meet all regulatory standards and help you get the most out of your vehicles and equipment.  Our certified sales representatives will make sure you are outfitted with the correct inventory and equipment to keep your operations running clean. 

Connect with us in Nashville today about a complete DEF solution for your company, including a wide selection of DEF storage and dispensing packages.


API and EPA Certified Product

Our BlueDEF™ product is a Diesel Exhaust Fluid guaranteed to meet the Standards of ISO 22241 and is also API certified, ensuring optimum performance of your Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system. Utilizing our dedicated DEF drum and tote packaging line, we keep Parman Energy warehouses well-stocked with abundant inventories, ensuring the utmost product integrity.

Markets We Serve

Transportation Agriculture Generators *2014
Light Duty Diesel Marine *2014 Railroad *2014
Heavy Duty Diesel Construction *2014 Mining *2014


Parman Energy is your dedicated supplier for this new market. Our dedicated DEF tankwagons and transports are first in the area, enabling you to have bulk DEF anytime you need it. Our team of trained experts adhere to all the special DEF handling requirements and procedures.  As an added bonus to our customers, Williams Lubrication Equipment Sales and Service, our equipment company, has all the specialized storage and dispensing equipment needed for this new essential product.

Packages We Offer: Depend on us for all the sizes you need

1 Gallon Jugs 2.5 Gallon Cubes Bulk Tangwagon
55 Gallon Drums 270 Gallon Totes Transport
330 Gallon Totes